Day 6: Luv will tear us apart

The prompt for today is Luv will tear us apart. What else could I do but use the song by Joy Division. The song has an ironic title that is aimed towards the classic “Love will keep us Together”. The song interprets as people in other relationships who find their own path and end up finding another along that path. This is the same reason why I’m so glad I’m still single at this age. I feel at times I haven’t fully discovered a lot of my strengths and what I am capable of. I realized that a lot of people that I know who are in young relationships sometimes lose out on who they could possibly be. I wonder how many great people who do great things lose that path due to putting “a relationship” first. I’m still unaware of the importance of relationships and how much care or thought I should put into one. When should it get serious and do we all share the same timeline? I would fall into explaining my personal experiences of the matter of having a different path and many not falling into the path but that would just be plain redundant for myself. It’s so good to go forth with whatever feels right without another influence. I am and will be who I was meant to be.

Day 6: Luv will tear us apart

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