Day 5 : Lust for Love

Today’s prompt is Lust for Love. I’m not really sure what to do for this prompt. Let’s get into it.

Thinking about you. Well it would only be fair if I write a post about him, I do think about him, Shit, maybe I was all about him. I find myself wondering what would happen if we made it. Looking into those hollows eyes, I should have known I faked it. I was slowly ascending into a bleak void.

The space I done crawled out of where I wasn’t able to look at my own face. But then I found myself back again instead of a love, he was only my friend.

You asked me if this was real, I replied I shouldn’t lead you on

You told me “Let me know the deal”

Why did you have to come off so strong

But that’s how it goes

When I don’t want nobody

I force myself to love somebody

It could’ve been anybody

Because we all want love

I just want mine quick, anyway, anyhow,

gotta get it how you live

but I don’t live this way though

But what if I get played though

You’d laugh because I don’t think about that

I’m in the moment, I’m in the mood, I’m in the groove.

For someone who loves consistency

Anxiety made an impression on me

Consistent at night-time whenever I least expect it

this shit was inevitable

I gotta lust for love

I guess love gets me wet

You see I don’t think I don’t think I don’t think I don’t think

I want to be loved I want to be loved I want to be loved I want to be love

just love me love me love me love me

tell me you’ll never leave

and if you do, you’ll still love me because this is true

I think about how you said that I made you happy and you asked if we should get married. I agreed but we both laughed and you said but we really don’t know each other. As I started to talk about myself of who i really was, in comes the love lost in a hail of gunfire. I thought I would be good for you, I made you happy didn’t I? but you said, remember that time when you fingered me and I started to cry that was the moment i knew it was over. you were leading me back to an emotional wreckage that i done removed myself of. I guess is goodbye forever. I got a lust for love. Even when it’s over, I still touch my self sober.

Day 5 : Lust for Love

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