Day 3: Adultery

Continuing with the Valentine’s blog theme, This is Love, This is Murder, we continue with the prompt Adultery. I had many experiences with Adultery whether I was getting played or getting played with. However you look at it, it’s pretty horrible but can also be great. It’s sort of awakening because you discover so much about a person this way. What I learned is that people are fucked up and temptation is a hell of thing! I felt super basic with this intro because I’m not telling you much. I just remember that the first time I helped play someone, I felt like shit but I kept doing it! I felt that the more times I done it, the receiver whose significant other who was fucking with me was someone I was close with. I started to become numb for them thinking and believing, it ain’t my fault, it’s your fault for staying and not recognizing the signs. I can hear one of them trying to reason with themselves or justify why it’s okay. Guilty conscience much? All I hear is, “Were just good friends like that, it’s like me saying can I play with your titties and you’d be down! Friend shit ya know!” Nah, you don’t just fondle your friends like that. Well at least I don’t. And whatever your promised your lover in the relationship should be respected and I believe physical activity is a common and huge one! But I digressed. I wrote a song/poem inspired from a couple different songs which artist includes ZZ TOP and Desire. Click here to check out my bestie, Nilo’s interpretation of the prompt.

I don’t know why I keep doing what I do but I do

and I don’t care

I don’t know why I keep doing what I do but I do

shit I don’t care

Don’t you come playing with me,

Don’t you dare stare at me,

Don’t ask to take me home,

Don’t try to be alone

with me,

You know it ain’t that right

You can just stare all night,

Please don’t try to hold me tight,

‘But don’t it just feel

so right,

I don’t know why I keep doing what i do but I do

and I don’t care

I don’t know why I keep doing what I do but I do,

said I don’t care

You know all my friends hate me,

It’s hurts to be this free,

They teach these girls to hate,

Why their boyfriends go out and play

That’s why I rewrite these rules,

So you don’t have to feel this way

You know that life can be so cruel,

Talked myself in believing it’s okay,

It’s okay!

Day 3: Adultery

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