The Hills Have Eyes

There was this time I can remember when I was all alone. It was my freshman year in college and not only did I not have a roommate lonely, I hadn’t any close friends, lonely. My first year was challenging. I spent most of the time in Smullin which had a computer lab and it was my only source of entertainment. I would be in there for hours face-booking, chatting, watching videos, and whatever you could think of. This was way before I discovered Tumblr and that was a good thing.

One night, I was on some site that talked about back-masking and listed the top 10 tracks that have been considered to be back-masking. The list included Britney Spears, “Sleep with me, I’m not too young!” Weird! Even Queen, “It’s fun to smoke marijauna, it’s fun to smoke Marijauna!” Funny! It was cute until I hit Led Zeppelin. I am not going to quote what it said because I rather not think of it. Be my guest and YouTube Stairway to Heaven back-masked. After I heard that I couldn’t stop you-tubing other videos and finding all sorts of scary, crude shit. After my computer session, I walked back to my dorm. You can see my dorm from outside the building but because the massive quad separated the two buildings, the distance was horrible. Outside was foggy and the night was still. I zoomed straight to Doney for dear life. I finally got to my room and laid down.That night I stayed awake with line “My Sweet Satan” running through my head. I could not get Led Zeppelin out! I tried to think of happy things but that thought crept back into my mental.

I eventually woke up groggy from a restless night. These thoughts went on for a few weeks and I had to show someone but after I did, I didn’t feel the same anymore, which was good but I also felt that I lost the thrill.

There I was lying in bed, still no roommate and struggling to go sleep. The thought of backmasking crept into my mind disturbing my mission of slumber. The night was dead silence and ever so often I would hear people passing my room laughing or talking. The room became completely silent. It was actually too silent. Then out of nowhere at the foot of my bed there was something in there with my whispering, “Heyyyyy.” “Hell no! Not today!” I screamed as I jumped out of my bed towards the lights. I flipped on the switched and looked at my bed with nothing in sight.

The Hills Have Eyes

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