Mixtape Masterpiece

To keep with the Halloween theme, what way to show the spirit of the season by giving you a mixtape of a few of my favorite tracks.

This is one of my favorite songs of all time and if you were to listen to any song on my playlist, please let it be this one. How they compare the title to the situation of the song is genius and it sounds so fuckin’ good!

Can’t have a Halloween track without the Misfits. This is a favorite song by them. Also, My Chemical Romance did a cover which is also enjoyable and a lot more fast paced.

Speaking of covers, this is actually one. It’s original is performed by Bad Brains. I actually first heard this song from the American Wasteland video game. I know, lame but that soundtrack is a collective of covers done from recent artists from that year it came out and it is fucking amazing. I actually bought the soundtrack and ended up getting it stolen while i got my car stolen! Now that shit was scary!

This is an A Perfect Cirlce classic and was the first track that I heard from the band and at the time had no idea the lead was Maynerd Keenan James, the front to Tool. I always noticed that the vocals was the same and ended up finding out a little later. I was only in Middle School and had a yearning for this shit. I still play this to this day as if I’m back in 2002. I actually ended up seeing the music video first so you can imagine how it stuck with me.

Speaking of Tool, Enjoy. This track is so hard, and is one of my favorite Tool songs. Everyone one of their videos is gold. They actually don’t star in any of their videos which is brilliant and always an awesome rendition not that any song of theirs is so easy to interpret but the videos add to it.


I keep trying to add Right Now but this keeps showing up but will keep it, as it’s related to the last video.

Of course you can’t have a Halloween track with out the Man of Grotesque himself. I remember having a great discussion with my Bestie Nilo and how just the different composition to the original changes the whole mood and meaning of the song!

Mixtape Masterpiece

2 thoughts on “Mixtape Masterpiece

  1. Yes! Yes!!!!! Yassss!!!!!! I love it!!! Each song was magnificent for this theme. And yes that Deftones song was fuckin’ good!!!! I had never heard it before but I am officially obsessed with it now…. It’s title, it’s lyrics, the music, is everything!!!! I had never even heard of A Perfect Circle but YASSSS!!!!! I love that song and the video is poetry!!!! I love Marilyn’s covers and the crazy thing is I have been playing “Sweet Dreams” and “I Put a Spell on You” on repeat all day!!! Weird right?!?!?! You out did ya self on this one girl!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!! If you made me a Youtube Playlist of songs you’d listen to when listening to “Poltergeist” and “Weak and Powerless” for a Halloween present, I would cherish it with all my heart!!!!!!!! P.S. be on the look out for your Halloween Present in the mail hehe


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