Day 13- Saddness

It’s friday the 13th and as superstitious as i am, this day has always worked for me and let me tell you why. Today, I was suppose to go get chocolate bowl ingredients for my girls and I went into winco, came across all these good deals and as i was about to reach the cash register, I realized I left their money in another pocket at home! I decided that I was going to have to pay with card so i pulled out my credit card and they don’t take Fucking credit cards! I scrounged around in my wallet and only found $14 and the ingredients I bought amounted to a little over $16. I told the cashier that I would have to come back. So there I left walking out the door all sad. I wasted gas that I barely had to travel across town to get cheaper ingredients, secondly I would have to travel back across town to get their money. Not today, I marched right back and told them that I would purchase those items. I wasn’t about to have my day be ruined by this single incident.

Once it was my turn for her ring up my items, I stopped her at the last one and told her that that was all I was going to purchase. I ran back to the house and found their money and got the rest of the ingredients at walmart and felt somewhat content.


It’s my lunch break and I was hungry but broke. I remembered that I have a credit card that should have a couple bucks left on it. I also had to print these humorous tumblr valentine’s day card for a candy gram sale that the LGBT group I advised was having for Valentine’s day. I decided I would get food first because my break is during traffic hour and the rest would all follow suit. Anyways, got my food, handed over my card and it was declined. I couldn’t believe that shit either. That’s how I was going to pay for the prints. Okay, I didn’t really know how to manage but I gave her a different card after that.


I got the prints and went to hand them over to Kara who was assisting with the candy grams and she’s just so pessimistic about the whole sale. She thinks that they won’t sell. I try to have a positive outlook but I can’t help but think that the whole reason why my card was declined had to do with the candy gram sale. I invested my last monies on those items. I decided to make flyer before I left work. I had my dorm manager mark them and she even told me that it’s way too late. Wow! Thanks, I really needed to hear that after negative attitude from a teenager.


This post had nothing do with material items or money but a mere pattern that happens when sadness gets in the way.

Day 13- Saddness

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