Tragedy Thursday: October 1

A human-like creature with glowing eyes. Ram-like horns protrude from his head. Tribal like jewelry decorated his features.

Tragedy Thursday: October 1

Day 10: Redemption/Return to Sender

This was the last challenge for the This is Love, This is Murder Valentine’s day Blog Challenge.  This is the final straw! This is what is wrapping up the challenge and it was hard to think of a strong finish to top off the rest of the writings I have completed throughout the 10 days. I hope you enjoy. Make sure to check out my bestie’s Nilo’s rendition of the prompt.

Discouraged, looking ugly, I hate myself, I can’t do anything,

Sitting at the bedside head low weeping why me?

Anyone or anything can easily make me feel like shit

Leads me to believe that I really ain’t shit

Do I believe that I’m more than I really am,

Telling myself that I’m the horrible friend

These constant soul searches seem useless

When your still fucking up thinking I can’t do this

Then a thought creeps in…

Why the fuck am I feeling this way

In distress, a hot mess, I’m feeling ashamed,

girl, you the one who made it

the one where the clock only ticks for you girl, you just frustrated,

sitting in the corner trynna feel so bad, feel so mad,

this is something that just can’t be had,

girl, you the one they trynna show up,

the girl who they impress but hate on ’cause you blown up,

Up front center bitch you know you ain’t sidelined,

A take a  number bitch, this only works on my time,

Living life, letting go of unnecessary accessories,

letting go of all that shit that be stressing me,

This is the end of the illusions and Friday night benders,

I don’t need this shit, please return back to sender.


Day 10: Redemption/Return to Sender

Day 9: People under the Bed

Sometimes we keep people under the bed. Well at least that what I’m gonna call it. E use to say we have shadows that follow us but they’re shadows we can control. I never understood that term.

Sometimes we keep people under the bed,

They’re in our thoughts

they’re in our head

I keep him by my bed stand so he’s the last thing I see at night

I keep him around and imagine him holding me tight

I keep imaging when he will be lying next to me,

I even have good conversations

I know this sounds so silly

Sometimes we keep people under the bed. E won’t let go so I won’t either. I told him that I would leave them alone if he does the same. He doesn’t answer me so I pretend that he will anyways.

I remember when I took you to my family peyote meeting. I thought you would be the one. My family, they all loved you but you were so rough around the edges. I couldn’t wait to show you off and put my moms mind at ease you see because I’m been alone for all my life and I feel like she wants me to be with someone, so it wouldn’t matter who it winds up being. I remember when we were in the teepee. you made a fool out of me. You didn’t even know how to enter let alone exit. I took that as a premonition to drop your ass but I only felt stupid at the statement my mom made of “it doesn’t take a ceremony to see how shitty he was treating you!”

Sometimes we keep people under the bed

And I still don’t know why

I keep falling for the obvious

and act as if it were a surprise

You treated me like shit acting as if I wasn’t the best you could have ever had. I got your letters in the mail the other day and you sent back all my pictures ALL MY FUCKING PICTURES! What the FUCK! after all that whining and begging and crying of why don’t you send me any pictures please send some pictures and you give them back as if I didn’t take time, money, effort, and energy to send them to you! BUT you sent them back when I didn’t want you anymore, I didn’t want you anymore, I don’t want you anymore!

Sometimes we keep people under the bed

then the bed breaks.


Day 9: People under the Bed

Day 6: Luv will tear us apart

The prompt for today is Luv will tear us apart. What else could I do but use the song by Joy Division. The song has an ironic title that is aimed towards the classic “Love will keep us Together”. The song interprets as people in other relationships who find their own path and end up finding another along that path. This is the same reason why I’m so glad I’m still single at this age. I feel at times I haven’t fully discovered a lot of my strengths and what I am capable of. I realized that a lot of people that I know who are in young relationships sometimes lose out on who they could possibly be. I wonder how many great people who do great things lose that path due to putting “a relationship” first. I’m still unaware of the importance of relationships and how much care or thought I should put into one. When should it get serious and do we all share the same timeline? I would fall into explaining my personal experiences of the matter of having a different path and many not falling into the path but that would just be plain redundant for myself. It’s so good to go forth with whatever feels right without another influence. I am and will be who I was meant to be.

Day 6: Luv will tear us apart

Day 5 : Lust for Love

Today’s prompt is Lust for Love. I’m not really sure what to do for this prompt. Let’s get into it.

Thinking about you. Well it would only be fair if I write a post about him, I do think about him, Shit, maybe I was all about him. I find myself wondering what would happen if we made it. Looking into those hollows eyes, I should have known I faked it. I was slowly ascending into a bleak void.

The space I done crawled out of where I wasn’t able to look at my own face. But then I found myself back again instead of a love, he was only my friend.

You asked me if this was real, I replied I shouldn’t lead you on

You told me “Let me know the deal”

Why did you have to come off so strong

But that’s how it goes

When I don’t want nobody

I force myself to love somebody

It could’ve been anybody

Because we all want love

I just want mine quick, anyway, anyhow,

gotta get it how you live

but I don’t live this way though

But what if I get played though

You’d laugh because I don’t think about that

I’m in the moment, I’m in the mood, I’m in the groove.

For someone who loves consistency

Anxiety made an impression on me

Consistent at night-time whenever I least expect it

this shit was inevitable

I gotta lust for love

I guess love gets me wet

You see I don’t think I don’t think I don’t think I don’t think

I want to be loved I want to be loved I want to be loved I want to be love

just love me love me love me love me

tell me you’ll never leave

and if you do, you’ll still love me because this is true

I think about how you said that I made you happy and you asked if we should get married. I agreed but we both laughed and you said but we really don’t know each other. As I started to talk about myself of who i really was, in comes the love lost in a hail of gunfire. I thought I would be good for you, I made you happy didn’t I? but you said, remember that time when you fingered me and I started to cry that was the moment i knew it was over. you were leading me back to an emotional wreckage that i done removed myself of. I guess is goodbye forever. I got a lust for love. Even when it’s over, I still touch my self sober.

Day 5 : Lust for Love